Charge Point Operator secures fresh capital from DeepTech & Climate Fund and private investors

  • Successful step on the way to the planned Series A financing in the triple-digit million range
  • Rapid growth targeted in all German metropolitan regions
  • Easy charging of e-cars where you are parked anyway

Munich, November 2, 2023. GmbH has taken a successful step towards its planned Series A financing round in the triple-digit million range. The DeepTech & Climate Fund (DTCF), together with private investors, has invested a mid-single-digit million amount in an interim financing round for the company. The fresh capital will enable to complete the current Series A financing round in an unhurried manner and quiet while continuing on its path towards rapid growth, which it has been successfully pursuing since 2021. is a Munich-based company whose mission is to make Germany a pioneer in the field of public charging infrastructure for electromobility. Together with municipal partners, almost 1,000 locations for EZE charging points have been identified in six metropolitan regions in Germany and more than 250 of these have already been put into operation. In Stuttgart, for example, 120 EZE charging stations are available, but the network is also becoming increasingly dense in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin. The aim is to enable e-cars to be charged wherever they are parked.

Decisive factors for the DeepTech & Climate Fund’s investment were EZE’s innovative business model, the successful operation of the rapidly growing network and a full pipeline with hundreds of attractive locations.

Tobias Faupel, Co-Managing Director of the DTCF, says: “EZE fits perfectly into the technology-driven portfolio of our fund, which places a special focus on climate tech. We are enabling the company to make a decisive contribution to the development of the targeted 1 million charging points in Germany. More than 18 months of successful operation with highly attractive performance figures ultimately made it an easy decision for us to support EZE. We are also available to participate in the main financing.”

Nancy Valentine-Urbschat, Co-CEO of EZE: “We have always been convinced that with a focus on operational excellence, the operation of public AC charging infrastructure is economically sustainable. Naturally, we are very pleased that our financial figures reflect this and have convinced investors.”

The fresh capital will now be used to accelerate the development and expansion of the company throughout Germany. In addition to existing offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, EZE plans to expand its presence to all German metropolitan regions in 2024.

Michael Valentine-Urbschat, Co-CEO of EZE: “We would like to thank the consortium of private investors and DTCF for this important vote of confidence. The figures from the Federal Network Agency prove that we are the fastest growing AC charging infrastructure company in Germany. And we are only at the beginning of our scaling phase. This success and the high level of satisfaction of our site partners and users with the way we are building and operating our network motivate us enormously to continue on this path.”

Charging made EZE

The focus of EZE is on expanding the standard or AC charging infrastructure in public spaces. The aim is for drivers of electric cars to be able to charge their cars wherever they are in their daily mobility profile – be it while shopping in the city or shopping center, in front of the gym or in the side street with friends or business partners. The aim is to make charging an inconspicuous secondary matter. Annoying and expensive visits to a fast or DC charging station or “filling station”, which are usually further away, are no longer necessary.

EZE also wants to further expand its leading position on the market in terms of technology. Software developed in-house makes it possible to identify ideally suited charging locations. EZE shares this knowledge with local authorities and private landowners and can implement the commissioning of charge points within a few months. In combination with the user-friendliness of its charging stations, EZE aims to become the most customer-friendly provider of charging infrastructure in Germany. “Charging made EZE [ˈiːzi]” is to become synonymous with simple and ubiquitous charging.

Comprehensive and fair cooperation with the location partners is also part of the innovative business model. EZE supplies everything from a single source: installation of the charging infrastructure, operation, marketing and billing. In addition, EZE almost always assumes the entire economic risk and thus helps to make investments possible that many municipalities or private location partners would not be able to make on their own.

About GmbH GmbH (Munich) is a charging infrastructure investor and operator with a focus on
public charging (AC, up to 22 kW) with 24/7 accessibility of the locations. The fast-growing company was founded in Landsberg a. L. in 2019 and now has offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin. Thanks to a large number of innovations along the entire value chain, has already succeeded in establishing a profitable and therefore sustainable business model in the start-up phase. This not only makes the company interesting for equity investors, but also offers debt capital providers attractive investment opportunities. On this basis, is now in a position to play a key role in shaping the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany. In the coming months, the company plans to expand its presence to all major metropolitan regions in Germany in order to make charging as easy and reliable as it should be for an ever-increasing number of e-car drivers on a daily basis and to make it absolutely essential for the targeted e-vehicle ramp-up, i.e. “Charging made EZE”. Founders Nancy & Michael Valentine-Urbschat want to make their contribution to the sustainable transformation of the mobility sector for future generations.

About DeepTech & Cimate Fonds

The DeepTech & Climate Fund (DTCF) is a new fund that invests in the growth of technology-based companies. It is financed with funds from the “Zukunftsfonds” and the ERP Special Fund and helps build the European ecosytem of tomorrow´s technology champions. As an anchor investor and partner of long-term investors such as family offices, the DTCF will invest up to one billion euros in the coming years to develop the new technology-based SMEs of tomorrow.


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